SAP (Cash)

SAP (Cash)

SAP (Cash)


PIF Capital shall provide strategic direction and guidance regarding the development of the technology, specifically for the measurement of garments.


PIF Capital shall offer guidance on the fundraising exercise, excluding the introduction of investors.

Introduction of Investors

PIF Capital shall charge a fee of 5% on the invested amount by any investor introduced by PIF Capital.


PIF Capital guarantees that the funds raised by the company will exceed the fee paid by the Company for the SAP, contingent upon the following conditions:
a) The company's shareholder ("Vendor") must pitch to 24 investors within a span of 6
months, with video evidence of the pitching.
b) The Vendor must attend a minimum of 3 in-person meetings with PIF Capital in Singapore
within the next 3 months.

S$ 150,000.00 150000.0 SGD S$ 150,000.00

S$ 150,000.00

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