Decoding Equity

Do you know what is the most valuable asset in your business?

There’s nothing more valuable than Equity for a business. That is why one of PIF’s focal points is Equity Financing – Funding business expansion by selling shares of stock to investors. Besides determining the value of a company, equity is important to businesses because it can be used to gain access to a large amount of capital without having to take on debt.

Decoding Equity is a 2-day event that allows you to master equity management in terms of four aspects as follows: 1) Equity Incentives – How to motivate stakeholders with equity? 2) Equity Framework – How to strategize equity structure to protect equity value? 3) Equity Allocation – How to allocate equity to dissolve shareholders’ disputes? 4) Equity Financing – How to put equity financing into practice?

Make your business not only profitable but also more valuable by joining our Decoding Equity event today!

Event Suitable For

  • SME entrepreneurs or business owners from all kinds of industries
  • Strategic business partners who are searching for collaboration opportunities
  • Investors who are looking for investment projects
  • Professionals who are hunting for potential partnership

Key Takeaways

Day 1 – Through 1) Equity Incentives and 2) Equity Framework, you will be able to:

  • Motivate employees and shareholders by allotting equity to them
  • Strive a balance between salary incentives and equity incentives
  • Understand the pros and cons of equity incentives
  • Revise and reform dissatisfactory equity framework
  • Invite upstream and downstream supply chain as shareholders
  • Get control of company core control

Day 2 – Through 3) Equity Allocation and 4) Equity Financing, you will be able to:

  • Allocate responsibilities, rights, and benefits of shareholders
  • Settle the conflict between shareholders
  • Set up the requirements for entry and exit of shareholders
  • Lower fundraising cost with equity financing
  • Redesign cooperate structure for fundraising
  • Grow and expand business without using own money

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A very informative and easy to understand sharing. Small group structures allow everyone to be at ease and comfortable to share more. Thank you

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