Change can be intimidating for businesses, and successful companies thrive because they can navigate these changes effectively. For businesses that have reached a plateau, pivoting can be a great way towards scaling your business to the next level!

Looking to accelerate your business growth? Get the Open Secrets from our Capital Gurus' at PIF’s Mastering Capital Wisdom event today!  

The desire to take your company to new levels of performance and profits requires change, and adaptation. It requires change and inspiration with a full understanding of the importance of keeping up with changing times.

It is time to gain new Power and Wisdom in order for your company to become Strong, Profitable and Long-Lasting.

Find out in this 2-day event conducted by our CAPITAL GURUS’ – GURU’ JONATHAN POR, GURU’ GRACE LIM and GURU’ RICHARD TEO.

Program Objectives:

So how do you know what your company needs in order to accelerate your business to achieve a business breakthrough?

PIF ABC Model:

Gain insights on our PIF ABC Model – specially crafted by our Capital Gurus’, for a solution on accelerating your business in this challenging market.

  • A+ Director & Management Team
  • Bankable Business Model
  • CEO Capital Wisdom

This event is the key to the turning point in your business if you allow yourself the opportunity for our Capital Gurus to lead you in scaling your business to become an A+ company!

Meet Our Team Of Capital Gurus:


An experienced professional with ACCA qualifications, and a “POP” (Psychology Of Potential) trainer, GURU’ GRACE has had coached numerous business-owners not only in their business growth but also personal growth.

“Looking at the present from the future.”
GURU GRACE believes in beginning with an end in mind in all things and having a vision for what is to come.

“Let others win first, so you can be the final and biggest winner.”

Intuitively, one would always want to have an advantage. However, in the capital market, losing the battle in order to win the war is one of the strategies to achieve business breakthrough. Find out more in our 2 – day event!


A serial entrepreneur who founded Supreme Floors at the age of 26; Within a span of 5 years, GURU JONATHAN overtook 30 over competitors and grew the company strength from 3 to over__100 employees__ to become Market No. 1 in the industry.

“It’s the people that makes the business different.

GURU’ JONATHAN strongly recommends hiring the right talent as he believes human capital is what defines the business.

This Event Is For You If You Are Looking To Make Your Businesses A Stronger Version Of Themselves.

Whether big or small, strategic pivots need to be carefully planned and well-executed. Perhaps the market’s overall needs are changing with the advent of technology and business models. Or perhaps your business growth or profits are on the decline. Bottom-line – you have reached a plateau.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein. Now, it is time to do things differently.

What You Will Learn:

Fundraising Know-How

GURU GRACE is famous for this: “As long as funds is an issue, it is not an issue.” Learn tips on leveraging on Other People’s Money (OPM) to fund your business acceleration! In this 2-day event, gain insights on:

  • How to build an A+ Fundraising Plan
    Develop an A+ fundraising plan just like the one that broke the world record in largest IPO in the world of US$25 Billion dollars!
  • Fundraising Roadshow Skills
    We will give you a stage to hone your pitching skills!

  • Corporate Structure Strategy
    What does it take to maximize your business valuation?

  •  Develop a bankable business modelGet tips on scaling your business to greater heights!

Do yourself a favor and join us in this 2-day event and watch your business soar exponentially!

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