CEO Secret Lab

Event Objective 活动目标

  •   We will be revealing exclusive and valuable knowledge of capital wisdom.
  • How to prepare yourself to IPO? How to survive in the capital market?
  • We will be sharing about the do’s and dont’s with you base on real life experience of CEO with immense experience.
  • 揭露CEO们千金不换的资本秘密
  • 在上市之路,在资本市场,告诉你什么该做什么不该做
  • 用血泪史换回的经验,在这里CEO们将会一一传授

Take Aways 您将会收获

  • Learn personally from a real life example of how to be successful and overcome difficulties
  • Get in touch with influential people
  • Grow your network of social circle with people of the same interest
  • Share your struggles and grow as a close knitted team.
  • 一个从资本英雄亲身经历中学习的机会
  • 一次与成功人士近距离接触的机会
  • 将会认识抱有相同理想与兴趣的企业家
  • 可以分享自己的困难疑惑,大家共同进步

Upcoming Event 接下来的活动

Topics 本期主题

Our special CEO Guest will be giving an exclusive sharing session about his experience in getting his company listed in Australia and his road to success.

With his array of experience, he will be providing many useful tips of do’s and don’ts in your business.

– 为什么要在澳洲上市
– 你适合在澳洲上市吗?
– 澳洲上市的优势劣势


29 Sept 2017, Friday


3.00pm - 6.00pm


53 Mohamed Sultan Road, #03-01, S238993

Contact Us

Kenny: +65 9049 6809 | Ami: +65 9005 1010 | Eugene: +65 9487 3155 | Lena: +65 9006 5656