Business Breakthrough (BBT)

What worked before may not be feasible now, holding up the fort gets more trying across time. Keep using the traditional practice won’t kill business pain points, but probably place the business in the same old situation.

How can you to get rid of the existing burdens and troubles? Are you constantly seeking solutions for Capital, Profits, Talents and Keymanship? Why are they common challenges to 90% of the entrepreneurs?

Come figure out the answers at PIF. PIF Singapore is here to introduce you to a new world of possibilities. Breakthrough the limits of traditionality and enter into the capital market. We offer 1-hour of FREE Business Clinic session to diagnose your business health, and 3-hour Business Breakthrough event to recommend solutions to your business challenges.

Event Suitable For

  • SME entrepreneurs or business owners from all kinds of industries
  • Strategic business partners who are searching for collaboration opportunities
  • Investors who are looking for investment projects
  • Professionals who are hunting for potential partnership

Key Takeaways

  • Receive a complimentary Business Clinic session to assess your business health
  • Acquire the solutions to the 4 major business needs (Capital, Profits, Talents and Keymanship)
  • Unlock your potentials in Capital Market
  • Develop a bankable and scalable business model
  • Understand the methodology of fundraising
  • Create your business roadmap to achieve your business goals
  • Uncover the secrets of fundraising from different types of investors
  • Build an A+ director and management team to help you with your long term business growth

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Very good platform for the entrepreneurs to enhance their capital wisdom and grow their business. Very organised training. See you all at the top.

Frederick FooKunkwan Sdn Bhd

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