Your One-Stop Capital Resource Platform

Lighthouse for SME to Build A+ Company

Over the years, we have provided guidance for over 1,200 SMEs to boost Capital, Profits, Talents, and Keymanship with Capital Wisdom.

As the first and only one-stop capital resource platform strategically designed for SMEs, we lead entrepreneurs to acquire resources, gain capital wisdom and build A+ company since our establishment in 2016.

Furthermore, we guide A+ companies to embark on the capital market and strategise their initial public offerings (IPO). Join PIF today and kickstart your SME IPO journey with us!

Our Vision

To be Asia Silicon Valley

Our Mission

To build A+ companies

Our Aspiration

To develop 300 IPOs and establish 300 education foundations

Our Social Mission

To lead the world out of poverty through education

Guru’ Jonathan Por

Group Chairman

Guru’ Grace Lim

Group CEO

Our Founders

Our founders Guru’ Jonathan Por and Guru’ Grace Lim have built up their own business empire long ago. As the founders of Supreme Floors, Singapore’s No. 1 wood flooring brand, they have already achieved great entrepreneurial success. Yet they didn’t stop there. Their bigger dream is ahead.

What made our founders pursue further and found PIF Capital? It’s the inspiration of PAY IT FORWARD spirit that led them to take a great leap. Over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience made them truly understand the pain points in running a business. They are genuine to share their knowledge on Capital Wisdom and PAY IT FORWARD.

Through building a one-stop capital resource platform specially for SMEs, our founders aim to lead other business owners to develop A+ companies by applying Capital Wisdom. What’s further, our founders guide A+ companies to kickstart their IPO journey. PIF is serving entrepreneurs an influential platform where IPO can be developed one after another and where the origin of Asia Silicon Valley sprouts.

To live up the PAY IT FORWARD spirit to another level, our founders plan to establish education foundations successively (Numbers of school that built by PIF are still on the count!). In the long term, PIF will gradually lead the world out of poverty via contributing to the education system. Our founders welcome all entrepreneurs to join our platform and build a better world together.

Our Corporate Structure

Since 2016, our forward-thinking founders have created a capital resource platform that gathers like-minded business owners and facilitate them to build A+ companies.

We have a reliable corporate structure in which four independent companies play different roles in leading business owners to gain Capital Wisdom, access professional services, network with investors, and all the way to achieve IPO that enables the monetization of resources.

Presenting our corporate structure with four principal functions:

PIF Capital Exchange

We guide our partner members to build business valuation with Capital Wisdom through our well-established capital resource platform.

PIF Advisory

We have our licensed and qualified Capital Team to assist our partner members in their journey to accelerate business valuation.

PIF Global Capital

We play a role as IPO Developer for our selected project partners, and set out their road to IPO as exit strategy to unlock business valuation.

PIF Investment

We build our investor network under this investment company where our Capital Mastermind can help investors to maximize business valuation of their investment projects.

Who We Are

PIF is a one-stop capital resource platform strategically designed for SMEs.

Traditional Boss


Capital Mastermind

Capital Investor


What We Do

We build, accelerate, unlock, maximize your business valuation. Through our platform, PIF guides you towards your business breakthrough with capital wisdom. Kickstart your capital journey with PIF, you will develop your A+ Director & Management Team and all the way to your Execution of IPO Plan:

A+ Director & Management Team
PIF helps businesses to build A+ Management & Director team to work together on both market mechanism and capital mechanism.
Bankable Business Model
A bankable business model ensures your business to grow with scalability, profitability, sustainability, uniqueness and market influence.
Corporate Share Structure
A befitting corporate structure design can bring in additional money, talents and resources.
Delivery of Fundraising Strategies
Discover how to set up fundraising strategies, strengthen investor confidence and manage investors relations.
Execution of IPO Plan
PIF has developed a systematic IPO plan that is tailor-made for SMEs without exceptional profits.

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