Capital Wisdom is all you need for business growth!

What is Capital Wisdom?

Capital wisdom is the fundamental knowledge of business success and the prerequisite for an entrepreneur to advance to a capitalist. It navigates you how to acquire capital and talents through applying equity finance and innovating business model. What’s more, it is the key to a business’s profitability, scalability, sustainability, as well as valuation maximization. Entrepreneurs who can master capital wisdom will move beyond market mechanism and achieve explosive business growth through capital mechanism.

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Since 2016, our forward-thinking founders have created a capital resource platform that gathers like-minded business owners and facilitate them to build A+ companies all the way to achieving IPO to truely enable the monetization of resources.

Here at PIF, we leverage on Equity Financing (The Art of Selling Shares to Raise Capital), and provide solutions to the four challenges facing businesses today.

Capital, Profits, Talents, Keymanship; these form the foundation of a successful business.

Success is when preparation meets opportunities and opportunities come from who you know. Hence, PIF welcomes you to join our exclusive circle of entrepreneur network and at our events where you not only get to expand your network but also discover the tried-tested-n-proven solutions to these four major business needs.

Run your business with Other People's Money (OPM)
You need to have a Bankable Business Model (BBM)
Employee Share Motivation Scheme (ESMS) is the key
You can turn Competition to Collaboration (C2C)

Since its inception in 2016, PIF has been serving more than 1,200 partners' members across multiple countries, mainly from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia and China. For entrepreneurs and business founders, there is no better opportunity to learn and grow than the one that is readily provided to you through membership in PIF. Here're some of our partner members:


PIF really makes very complicated things so easy to understand and palatable. After joining MCW program, I can list not only one company but many companies.

Dato' Sri Adrian WeeFounder & CEO, Adrian Wee International Sdn Bhd

The capital platform provides a very good ground for SMEs to have a good education as to how they are going to list or how they are going to get capital funding

Tang Yeng YuenVice President & Head Executive Corporate Finance, Hong Leong Finance Singapore

As retailer business owners, we have to create value and profits for our business to expand our business reach. In the past, I believe that to expand my business, I have to work harder than before. After this event, I have learnt how to use capital wisdom to bring my business to not only a national level, but also international level.

King WongFounder, SSF Holding Sdn Bhd

I have joined PIF for a year already. It was last August that I joined PIF, Singapore. Throughout this whole year, I have learned a lot from Guru’ Grace and Guru’ Jonathan, such as Capital Wisdom, and knowledge on business model. Started from a rather small company, I am able to own a team with over 30 employees today. All that happened in just a year. This made a big difference and advancement for my business. Therefore, I would like to express my gratitude to Guru’ Jonathan & Guru’ Grace for having their support and advice all the way.

Aaron TeyFounder of LOL PROJECTS PTE LTD

I’m from Vintas Pte Ltd, the first blueberry wine company in Singapore. In PIF, I expose to a lot of opportunities especially in this corporate financing sector. I realize that a lot of young entrepreneurs like us or many of you all out there have been finding this big difficulty which is to RAISE CAPITAL. In fact, even if you raised capital, you don’t know what to do with the money. So, with this opportunity given to me, I realise and I know that through this event and this company, I can put this money to good use, same as you all, if you all have the chance to come to this event.

Ethan TanVintas Pte Ltd

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